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Friday, October 17, 2008

Week Three Reading

Topic: Social Change in Ireland, 1959-1979


Speech by Minister for Education, Donogh O’Malley, to National Union of Journalists at the Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire, 10/9/1966. This is available via email only, so check/activate your UCC email accounts. If you have any problems, contact Gabriel Doherty.

See the links:


See also, Sunday Independent, 11/9/1966, available on:

See also Diarmaid Ferriter, What If? (Dublin, 2006) [941.5 FERR], Chapter on Donogh O'Malley and free post-primary education

These links can be accessed from campus computers ONLY


D Keogh, Twentieth Century Ireland, chapter 6
JJ Lee, Ireland 1912-1985, chapter 5
B Girvin, From Union to Union, chapter 7
D Ferriter, Transformation of Ireland, chapter 6

T Brown, Ireland: A Social and Cultural History 1922-2002 (Dublin, 2003)
JJ Lee (editor): Ireland 1945-70 (Dublin, 1979)
B Girvin and G Murphy (editors): The Lemass Era: Politics and Society in the Ireland of Seán Lemass (Dublin, 2005)
[Especially John Walsh on education]
T Garvin: Preventing the Future: Why was Ireland so Poor for So Long? (Dublin, 2004)
Sean O'Connor: A Troubled Sky (Dublin, 1986)
Sean Farren in JR Hill (Editor): A New History of Ireland Volume VI: Ireland 1921-1984 (Oxford, 1996)
P O Maille: Memories of Donogh O'Malley (Dublin, 2007)

Week Two Reading

Topic: Irish Foreign Policy 1932-1948

Department of External Affairs Memo on Spanish Civil War, 11/11/1936
(SOURCE: Crowe, Fanning, Kennedy, Keogh and O’Halpin (editors): Documents on Irish Foreign Policy, Volume 4: 1932-1936 (Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 2004), pp. 504-6)


Dermot Keogh, Twentieth Century Ireland, chapters 2 and 3
JJ Lee, Ireland 1912-1985, chapter 3
Lyons, Ireland since the Famine, Part 4A, chapter 2
Ferriter, Transformation of Ireland, chapter 5
Hoppen, Ireland since 1800, pp. 197-205, 240-9
Jackson, Ireland 1798-1998, pp. 288-308


Dermot Keogh, Ireland and Europe 1919-1989 (Cork, 1990)
Dermot Keogh and Mervyn O’Driscoll (editors), Ireland in World War Two (Cork, 2005)
Brian Girvin and Geoff Roberts (editors): Ireland and the Second World War (Cork, 2000)
Donal O Drisceoil, Censorship in Ireland 1939-1945: Neutrality, Politics and Society (Cork, 1996)
Fearghal McGarry: Irish Politcs and the Spanish Civil War (Cork, 1999)
Robert Fisk: In Time of War (London, 1983)
D Ferriter: Judging Dev (Dublin, 2007)
Brian Girvin: The Emergency: Neutral Ireland 1939-1945 (Dublin, 2005)
Trevor Salmon: Unneutral Ireland (Oxford, 1989)
Ferriter: What If? (Dublin, 2004), chapter 8

Week one reading:

Topic: Ireland 1918-1923
(Both of the following)
Text of the Anglo-Irish Treaty, available at:

Speeches of Michael Collins and Eamon de Valera during the Treaty Debates, available at:
(De Valera speech on pp. 24-7; Collins’ speech on pp. 30-6)

(Any one of the following)

JJ Lee, Ireland 1912-1985, pp. 47 – 69
A Jackson, Ireland 1798-1998, pp. 244-75
KT Hoppen, Ireland since 1800, pp. 113-6; 146-55; 181-97
D Ferriter, The Transformation of Ireland, chapter 3
FSL Lyons, Ireland since the Famine, Part 3, chapters 5 and 6

Tim Pat Coogan’s biographies of Collins and De Valera
T Ryle Dwyer: Michael Collins and the Treaty (Dublin, 1982)
Big Fellow, Long Fellow (Dublin, 2005)
D Ferriter: Judging Dev (Dublin, 2007)
[Wonderfully illustrated book with excellent reproductions of primary source documents]
P de Burca and J Boyle: Free State or Republic? (Dublin, 1922; republished 2002)
[Collection of original journalists reports on the meetings of the Dáil in 1921-1922]
Gabriel Doherty and Dermot Keogh (editors): Michael Collins and the Making of the Irish State (Cork, 1998)
[Good Essays by Martin Mansergh, Tom Garvin and Ronan Fanning]
Doherty and Keogh (editors): De Valera’s Irelands (Cork, 2003)
[Essays by Keogh and Garvin]

Monday, October 6, 2008

Recommended General Reading

The following is (an incomplete) list of general texts on 20th century Ireland, available in the Boole Library:

Dermot Keogh: Twentieth Century Ireland: Nation and State (Dublin, 1994)
Dermot Keogh: Twentieth Century Ireland: Revolution and State-Building (Dublin, 2005)

Both of these books are excellent general histories of the Irish state, albeit after 1922. Highly recommended as introductory reading

JJ Lee: Ireland 1912-1985: Politics and Society (Cambridge, 1989)
A Jackson: Ireland 1978-1998: Politics and War (Oxford, 1999)
D Ferriter: The Transformation of Ireland 1900-2000 (London, 2004)
B Girvin: From Union to Union (Dublin, 2002)

All these are more analytical works for those of you who have a good background in Irish history. All have extensive bibliographies and are highly recommended as good sources for further reading, essays, etc.

KT Hoppen: Ireland Since 1800 (London, 1989 and 1999)

Simply the best text, both generally and for the most comprehensive bibliography on Irish history. Great short introductory chapters. Style is a little hard to get used to at first, but rewarding for those who stick with it.

All these books should be available in the Library, on Q+3, in or around the number 941.5082 (Check Library Catalogue for full details:

A Limited number of these books are available for CONSULTATION ONLY (NO BORROWING) in Special Collections, Q-1 in the Library. For more information, see the following website:

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This blog is designed for those taking HI1001 Microteaching programme. All required readings will be posted here before each weeks tutorial. You are expected to read the compulsory readings before each tutorial, as well as at least one of the recommended readings given along with the compulsory one.

Attendance and participation is compulsory at your microteaching sessions. Attendance rolls will be taken and maintained, and a valid reason is required to miss a session. Essay titles will also be discussed at the sessions.

Full details will be given in due course.