Friday, October 17, 2008

Week Three Reading

Topic: Social Change in Ireland, 1959-1979


Speech by Minister for Education, Donogh O’Malley, to National Union of Journalists at the Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire, 10/9/1966. This is available via email only, so check/activate your UCC email accounts. If you have any problems, contact Gabriel Doherty.

See the links:

See also, Sunday Independent, 11/9/1966, available on:

See also Diarmaid Ferriter, What If? (Dublin, 2006) [941.5 FERR], Chapter on Donogh O'Malley and free post-primary education

These links can be accessed from campus computers ONLY


D Keogh, Twentieth Century Ireland, chapter 6
JJ Lee, Ireland 1912-1985, chapter 5
B Girvin, From Union to Union, chapter 7
D Ferriter, Transformation of Ireland, chapter 6

T Brown, Ireland: A Social and Cultural History 1922-2002 (Dublin, 2003)
JJ Lee (editor): Ireland 1945-70 (Dublin, 1979)
B Girvin and G Murphy (editors): The Lemass Era: Politics and Society in the Ireland of Seán Lemass (Dublin, 2005)
[Especially John Walsh on education]
T Garvin: Preventing the Future: Why was Ireland so Poor for So Long? (Dublin, 2004)
Sean O'Connor: A Troubled Sky (Dublin, 1986)
Sean Farren in JR Hill (Editor): A New History of Ireland Volume VI: Ireland 1921-1984 (Oxford, 1996)
P O Maille: Memories of Donogh O'Malley (Dublin, 2007)

Week Two Reading

Topic: Irish Foreign Policy 1932-1948

Department of External Affairs Memo on Spanish Civil War, 11/11/1936
(SOURCE: Crowe, Fanning, Kennedy, Keogh and O’Halpin (editors): Documents on Irish Foreign Policy, Volume 4: 1932-1936 (Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 2004), pp. 504-6)


Dermot Keogh, Twentieth Century Ireland, chapters 2 and 3
JJ Lee, Ireland 1912-1985, chapter 3
Lyons, Ireland since the Famine, Part 4A, chapter 2
Ferriter, Transformation of Ireland, chapter 5
Hoppen, Ireland since 1800, pp. 197-205, 240-9
Jackson, Ireland 1798-1998, pp. 288-308


Dermot Keogh, Ireland and Europe 1919-1989 (Cork, 1990)
Dermot Keogh and Mervyn O’Driscoll (editors), Ireland in World War Two (Cork, 2005)
Brian Girvin and Geoff Roberts (editors): Ireland and the Second World War (Cork, 2000)
Donal O Drisceoil, Censorship in Ireland 1939-1945: Neutrality, Politics and Society (Cork, 1996)
Fearghal McGarry: Irish Politcs and the Spanish Civil War (Cork, 1999)
Robert Fisk: In Time of War (London, 1983)
D Ferriter: Judging Dev (Dublin, 2007)
Brian Girvin: The Emergency: Neutral Ireland 1939-1945 (Dublin, 2005)
Trevor Salmon: Unneutral Ireland (Oxford, 1989)
Ferriter: What If? (Dublin, 2004), chapter 8

Week one reading:

Topic: Ireland 1918-1923
(Both of the following)
Text of the Anglo-Irish Treaty, available at:

Speeches of Michael Collins and Eamon de Valera during the Treaty Debates, available at:
(De Valera speech on pp. 24-7; Collins’ speech on pp. 30-6)

(Any one of the following)

JJ Lee, Ireland 1912-1985, pp. 47 – 69
A Jackson, Ireland 1798-1998, pp. 244-75
KT Hoppen, Ireland since 1800, pp. 113-6; 146-55; 181-97
D Ferriter, The Transformation of Ireland, chapter 3
FSL Lyons, Ireland since the Famine, Part 3, chapters 5 and 6

Tim Pat Coogan’s biographies of Collins and De Valera
T Ryle Dwyer: Michael Collins and the Treaty (Dublin, 1982)
Big Fellow, Long Fellow (Dublin, 2005)
D Ferriter: Judging Dev (Dublin, 2007)
[Wonderfully illustrated book with excellent reproductions of primary source documents]
P de Burca and J Boyle: Free State or Republic? (Dublin, 1922; republished 2002)
[Collection of original journalists reports on the meetings of the Dáil in 1921-1922]
Gabriel Doherty and Dermot Keogh (editors): Michael Collins and the Making of the Irish State (Cork, 1998)
[Good Essays by Martin Mansergh, Tom Garvin and Ronan Fanning]
Doherty and Keogh (editors): De Valera’s Irelands (Cork, 2003)
[Essays by Keogh and Garvin]

Monday, October 6, 2008

Recommended General Reading

The following is (an incomplete) list of general texts on 20th century Ireland, available in the Boole Library:

Dermot Keogh: Twentieth Century Ireland: Nation and State (Dublin, 1994)
Dermot Keogh: Twentieth Century Ireland: Revolution and State-Building (Dublin, 2005)

Both of these books are excellent general histories of the Irish state, albeit after 1922. Highly recommended as introductory reading

JJ Lee: Ireland 1912-1985: Politics and Society (Cambridge, 1989)
A Jackson: Ireland 1978-1998: Politics and War (Oxford, 1999)
D Ferriter: The Transformation of Ireland 1900-2000 (London, 2004)
B Girvin: From Union to Union (Dublin, 2002)

All these are more analytical works for those of you who have a good background in Irish history. All have extensive bibliographies and are highly recommended as good sources for further reading, essays, etc.

KT Hoppen: Ireland Since 1800 (London, 1989 and 1999)

Simply the best text, both generally and for the most comprehensive bibliography on Irish history. Great short introductory chapters. Style is a little hard to get used to at first, but rewarding for those who stick with it.

All these books should be available in the Library, on Q+3, in or around the number 941.5082 (Check Library Catalogue for full details:

A Limited number of these books are available for CONSULTATION ONLY (NO BORROWING) in Special Collections, Q-1 in the Library. For more information, see the following website: